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Authoritative Content

Are you looking for great content for your blogs, business site, sales letters or other type of promotional or deep material? Our authoritative, journalist quality content is perfectly suited for all these and much more! Our main goal with this type of content is crafting text that engages, informs and moves your audiences.

Amazon Product Reviews

If you have sites that you monetize with Amazon Affiliate, our Amazon Product Reviews are just what you need. We research your niche and promoted products as thoroughly as possible. These extensively researched reviews focused on conversions will take your Amazon affiliate sales to the next level.

Clickbank Product Reviews

If your sites are monetized with Clickbank and you need specific and relevant content for them, then our Clickbank Product Reviews are exactly what you were looking for. We focus on creating personal, neutral and great quality reviews that naturally guide the reader to consider your promoted product as the best option.

A closer look at our services:

  • We are US Based: The content for all of our services is produced by in-house trained US and Canadian writers that deliver grammatically perfect content.
  • We are a Business team: We are not your typical one man army. Our team has not only the writing, coding and backlinks building staff, but also managers to make sure things run smoothly and orders get delivered in full and on time.
  • We are IM savvy: No part-time “wannabies” here. We do internet marketing for a living and are familiar with all the jargon and up to date with the last SEO trends.
  • We have countless positive reviews: Click here to take a look at some of our customers' testimonials. (zoom in on the image after it loads).

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All orders of $210.00 and above receive an automatic 10% discount as long as you have any Premium or Standard Plus with 1000 words or more in your order. Standard-only orders receive the same discount starting at $300.00
If in doubt, please check with us for an estimated turnaround time before placing your order, as it may vary according to the number of orders in queue as well as the size of your order.


Premium Content

It doesn't get any better than this. With journalist quality, through research and priority handling, this is the right pick if you need sales focused material, money site home page text, converting product reviews and pretty much anything that demands absolutely PHENOMENAL content
Price per 100 words: $6.00
Words per article:     Quantity:    

Standard Plus

Benefit from preferential handling and more engaging content written by our most talented Standard writers! If you need more than just mere SEO content and want something not only informative but also enticing and interesting for a little more money, Standard Plus is your best bet. (How is this different from Premium?)
Price per 100 words: $3.00
Words per article:     Quantity:    

Standard Content

If you need informative content for your niche money sites or high quality tier 1 links such as Guest posts, this is your perfect choice.
Price per 100 words: $1.50
Words per article:     Quantity:    

Spanish Content

Do you need great quality content in Spanish as well? Whether you require original content or English to Spanish translation, we have native Spanish authors on our team that can provide just that.
Price per 100 words: $5.00
Words per article:     Quantity:    


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Online marketing approached personally and effectively

What is the difference between Standard, Standard Plus and Premium Content? And which content should I choose?
Every article we provide is unique, but as a general guideline:

SEO Content is: 100% copyscape unique, grammatically correct text as written by an average native English speaker for day-to-day use. Perfectly suitable for affiliate blogging, social media posts, various tier properties or even less significant portions of your site.

Premium is a journalist quality, thoroughly researched article written by an experienced author, so if your needs involve research, home page content, sales copy, reviews, finance, medical, tech, or legal niche, any kind of template to follow, LSI, links, bullet points, etc, this is your perfect choice.

IMPORTANT: Please remember that Standard Plus is an “upgrade” to entry level Standard Content, but it’s NOT Premium content. For any special topics (especially the ones mentioned above) and very specific writing styles you still MUST order Premium.

If you have any doubt whether your requirements would be best addressed by Premium content or if our starter alternatives might cut it, it is important that you run by us your content needs.
What is priority / preferential handling?
Of all orders received each day, Premium are given top priority, then Standard Plus, then Standard. Of course you can always take advantage of our Express delivery (limited to 5000 words).
What should I include in the "Order Details" field?
Please include every piece of information you consider relevant for your order, MOST IMPORTANTLY: topics/keywords, headings, general writing style, sites to be used as reference, keyword density (if any) in ABSOLUTE values, NOT percentages, which might be open to interpretation. Don't forget to include how you want us to distribute the word total if you want mixed word counts among your different articles.

Please realize that we're not mind readers and can’t (and won’t) be held responsible for not complying with the order details if they are not there in the first place or if they are not clear enough (See more in “Refunds” FAQ below).
What’s your turnaround time?
All orders up to 5K words will be processed within 4 BUSINESS days. For orders of more than 5K words consult TAT with us beforehand.
Do you offer bulk order discounts?
Orders of $210 and above benefit from an automatic 10% discount.
What payment methods do you accept?
We can only accept Paypal for the time being.
Do you offer refunds?
We will gladly refund orders made by mistake, for incorrect products or any other reason before the work has begun. It is therefore important that you understand what you are ordering and give precise details, or communicate any mistakes promptly.
Due to the nature of our service we can’t offer any refunds once work has been started. But if you have any issues with your articles that are clearly our fault we’ll gladly work with you until you are satisfied (Please read FAQ 1 above).
I have more questions, how can I reach you?
Please refer to the contact information we provide below.

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We are always looking for talented content writers to join our team. If you think you got what it takes please apply using the contact form below. We'll need your name, email address and a sample of your content (either pasted in the form or as a link). If we like what we see you'll hear from us very soon!

Prerequisite: You MUST be a native English speaker (US, UK, Canada, Australia)

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